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May 15

Cooking Workshop - Sushi & Curry Rice

11:00 Corner Gallery Add this event to a calendar application

Sure, you can just get your ready-made sushi at Kroger's, but what if the sushi-delivery truck breaks down on I-40? What if you leave your storebought sushi in the car for an hour while you attend to errands at the post office on a 90-degree day, and find when you came back that you forgot to park in a shady spot?

And why not make your own sushi? It's fun, it's challenging, and you can wow all your friends by bringing out a tray of your eye-popping creations while saying casually, "I make my own sushi!" Learn beginning, intermediate or advanced nori-rolling techniques, depending on your level of expertise, and learn to customize the fillings to suit your taste and occasion.

Ah, curry rice -- Japanese comfort food. An old standby of Japanese diners of the 60s and 70s, "ka-ri ra-ice" is a soothing concoction of chopped, boiled vegetables (usually including onion, celery, and carrot, but customizable to your taste and the contents of your refrigerator) and sometimes meat, integrally blended with a smooth melange of Japanese-accented turmeric and other spices. It may be a far-removed descendant of its distant ancestors, the venerable Indian curries...but Japanese curry rice still has that je-ne-sais-quoi that cries out, albeit with an undeniably Japanese accent, "I am a curry!"

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